Yahoo toolbar missing – How to resolve the issue?

If you notice ‘Yahoo toolbar missing’ at the top of your Web browser missing, it may bother you. But don’t worry; you can restore the Yahoo toolbar or reinstall the Yahoo toolbar. For the same, you need to reinstall the add-on available in Firefox Mozilla. You may be bothered if you see ‘Yahoo toolbar missing‘ at the top of your Web browser.

Fortunately, you can ‘restore Yahoo toolbar’ or reinstall the Yahoo toolbar. For the same, you need to download the add-on available in Firefox Mozilla. Check to see whether Yahoo Toolbar is already installed on your browser before downloading and installing it. If this is the case, you may make it active.

Mozilla Firefox 32 and Internet Explorer 11 both support the installation of the Yahoo Toolbar; however, Safari does not. Yahoo Toolbar isn’t accessible on Chrome, either, owing to policy changes in Google Chrome. If you want to keep utilizing Yahoo Search and Homepage, you may install the Yahoo Extension for Chrome.


How do I restore my Yahoo toolbar in Mozilla Firefox?

If your ‘Yahoo mail toolbar is missing,’ you may restore it by following the instructions listed below.


Method 1

Open the Add-ons Manager by selecting “Add-ons” from the Firefox menu bar. Firefox displays a list of all installed add-ons, including the Yahoo Toolbar. The list only shows active and disabled add-ons; any add-ons you uninstall will be removed entirely from the system.


Method 2

To re-enable the Yahoo Toolbar, look for it in the add-ons list and click the “Enable” button. It’s a good idea to uninstall the toolbar before reinstalling it. Apply the new settings by restarting your Web browser. Reinstall the add-on if it was previously deleted.


Method 3

Navigate to the “Yahoo Toolbar” page (available through the Resources menu) and select the “Add to Firefox” option. Before installing the toolbar, tap on the “Privacy Policy” or “End-User Licensing Agreement” buttons to review the privacy policy or end-user license agreement.


Method 4

Choose “Install” from the shortcut menu when the Software Installation dialogue box appears. To restart Firefox and implement the changes, click “Restart Now.” Alternatively, you may restart Firefox later by selecting “Restart Manually.”. After installing it, you’ll have to re-assign the toolbar’s default settings because the new ones overwrote them.



How do I restore my Yahoo toolbar in Internet Explorer?


Method 1

To open the Manage Add-ons box in Internet Explorer, click the gear symbol and then “Manage Add-ons” from the menu. If it isn’t already, go to the “Toolbars and Extensions” menu and choose it.


Method 2

If the toolbar is deactivated, choose the “Yahoo Toolbar” add-on from the Yahoo Inc category and press “Enable.” Once the modifications have been applied, close and reopen Internet Explorer to see the Yahoo Toolbar again. If the extension has been deleted from the browser, it will not appear in the Toolbars and Extensions list. You’ll have to reinstall the extension to get the toolbar back.


Method 3

Tap on the option of “Download Now”. You can perform this task through the “Yahoo Toolbar” page on When Internet Explorer informs you that a file on your computer poses a security risk, select “Run.”


Method 4

In order to keep your home page and search engine, you can uncheck the “Set Yahoo as default” option. Don’t allow Firefox to be installed by checking the “Install Toolbar on my Firefox browser as well” checkbox. Uncheck the “Improve Your Yahoo Experience” option to disable the toolbar from transmitting information about your device and your Web surfing history to Yahoo.


Method 5

To finish the installation, hit “Finish.” The toolbar appears immediately in a new window of Internet Explorer.

Please note:

Google Chrome does not allow the installation of the Yahoo Toolbar. However, the Yahoo Extension for Chrome add-on does. The add-on replaces Google with Yahoo as your default new tab and search engine.

By clicking on the “Free” button on the “Yahoo Extension” page (found under Resources), you can download and install the Yahoo Extension. Click on the “Add” button to include the Chrome extension in your browser’s toolbar. You don’t have to close and open the Web browser does again.


How can I get rid of the Yahoo Toolbar in Firefox?

After launching Firefox’s “Add-ons Manager,” locate and select the “Remove” button next to Yahoo Toolbar. This will eliminate Yahoo Toolbar from your browser completely.

  • Choose “Settings,” then “Extensions,” then select the trash can symbol next to Yahoo Extension in Google Chrome to delete it.
  • Choose “More information” to learn more about Yahoo Toolbar, then select “Remove” to get rid of it from Internet Explorer’s Manage Add-ons page.
  • Uninstall the Yahoo Toolbar if the “Remove” button is in the More Information dialogue. Choose “Yahoo Toolbar” from the list of installed programs in the Control Panel’s Programs area, then click “Uninstall.”


Yahoo mail missing toolbar

Yahoo’s mail client for Firefox seems to have been unresponsive. Hence, Yahoo mail missing a toolbar. You’ll see that your main window is now lacking the whole toolbar. Please turn on your preview window and move it to the right or bottom of your screen to test this. Here are some options to fix the issue and you may want to consider:

  • Select ‘Settings’ from the menu that appears after clicking the cogwheel symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Modify the ‘Preview pane’ option under ‘Viewing email’ and then save your work.
  • Changing your viewing mode to basic may also help:
  • As previously, go to ‘Settings’> ‘Viewing email.’
  • Save your changes by selecting the ‘Basic’ radio button next to ‘Mail version.’
  • To return to the full version of Yahoo Mail, click the “Switch to the latest version of Yahoo Mail” link. You can see the Yahoo mail option at the screen’s top right corner.

In case of Yahoo toolbar missing, please contact ‘Yahoo support‘ for assistance.



If your ‘Yahoo toolbar missing’ on Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can use various tricks explained in this article. If you are still finding the Yahoo toolbar missing’ confusing or want more details, you can contact us.