Yahoo SMTP server not working Issue [FIXED]

Yahoo mail is well-known for its cross-platform interoperability. Yahoo gives POP and IMAP settings to both free and paying customers to make webmail function on multiple devices. Both the Yahoo IMAP and POP protocols allow you to connect your Yahoo mail account to third-party email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, and others that support the protocols.

As we all know, Yahoo is extensively utilized on platforms such as Yahoo mail on Outlook, and users frequently seek out solutions to issues that appear out of nowhere like yahoo SMTP server not working throughout their time using the service.

To connect to a Yahoo Mail account, third-party email applications such as Outlook and Mac Mail are known to use the POP or IMAP protocols. Although you should not have any problems using your Yahoo Mail account on an email client once you have configured it correctly, the yahoo SMTP server not working in error might pop up for a variety of reasons. In this instance, you may want to try the fixes given below.

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‘Yahoo Smtp Server is Not Working’ Quick Fixes Issue

The outbound emails that you send from your account are handled via SMTP, which stands for ‘Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.’ To guarantee flawless email transmission, you’ll need to manually input these settings whenever you set up your Yahoo account on a third-party email server.

When you set up your Yahoo account on any third-party email provider, you won’t have to log into your account every time you want to check your emails. You’ll also need to input these options if you wish to. In the same way, some IMAP and SMTP settings must be entered.

Let me first explain something before we get into the SMTP setup fixes:

Yahoo Mail is an email service that handles the actual sending and receiving of emails for you.

An email program, on the other hand, is the mail software or program you use to access your inbox and emails (also known as an email client).

In most cases, an email service’s SMTP configuration may be added to the account settings of the mail program you’re using.

After you’ve added your Yahoo account to the app, you’ll need to set up your outgoing server using the Yahoo SMTP server specifications.


Here are the settings for the SMTP server:

  • SMTP Server / Hostname for Yahoo Mail:
  • 465 or 587 is the SMTP port number.
  • TLS/ SSL SMTP encryption Username: Yahoo e-mail address
  • Password for SMTP: Password for Yahoo Mail
  • Most desktop mail clients may use the Yahoo SMTP server settings, and the same settings can be used with a mobile device mail app or a web-based email application.

However, the exact procedures to fix the issue are given below.


Verify that the settings are correct

Yahoo mail not sending emails if you have the SMTP server yahoo not working issue. In the table above, we’ve listed the Yahoo SMTP server settings. Examine it and double-check that the parameters you’re using are right. These settings are compatible with web email programs, mobile devices, desktop apps, and other similar programs.


Accessing Yahoo mail from Browser

Whether you’re using the above Yahoo SMTP server settings and still can’t send emails from your email app, see if your Yahoo mail account works through a web browser instead. If your Yahoo mail works correctly outside of the app, there might be a problem with the email program you’re using. Contact the app’s creators or switch to a different email program.


Go into Safe Mode with Yahoo

If the yahoo outgoing SMTP server not working issue is preventing you from accessing the Windows mail program, you may simply boot up Windows in safe mode to access the Mail app without any add-ons. You may also run your Yahoo mail account in safe mode on the Mail app to see if there are any improvements. If your Yahoo mail settings operate correctly in safe mode, the problem isn’t with your device’s default settings or fundamental device drivers.


Yahoo Mail’s Sending Limits

You may not be aware that your Yahoo Mail account has some restrictions when it comes to sending emails from other email applications. However, to comply with its anti-spam regulations, Yahoo does not divulge the maximum amount of emails you can send (perhaps 500 per day). However, once you approach the predefined limit, you will be notified. When your account is ready to send emails again, Yahoo will tell you.


Issue still not fixed, What’s next?

If you have exhausted all the options given above and are still not able to fix the yahoo SMTP server not working issue. In this scenario, it’s preferable to contact our Yahoo support services, as we have expert professionals, who are fluent in sorting out these issues.