Quick Methods To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone

Recently, many iPhone users have reported a complaint that their installed Yahoo Mail app is not loading or working. We totally understand how dreadful it could be as users are being prevented from accessing their Yahoo inbox.

Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone

It is obvious unless your Yahoo Mail opens on iPhone and works seamlessly you won’t send and receive any emails. However, there is no doubt Yahoo is the blue-chip email service but it is also harsh truth it is not free from technical glitches.

Sometimes Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone all of a sudden even it happens after updating Yahoo Mail app. Don’t pull your hair if you confront the same problem as you finally have landed on the right post.

Our professional experts have prepared a collection of troubleshooting tricks which are described clearly in this post. Let’s get connected!


Why Is My Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone?

Nothing is more annoying than having Yahoo Mail On iPhone Not Working problem. Yahoo Mail sometimes doesn’t work on your iPhone due to several factors. A couple of the most common reasons behind this error are enumerated beneath. Just give a glance at the noted points:

  • Yahoo Mail app installed on iPhone may get outdated.
  • Maybe weak internet is running on your iPhone device.
  • You probably haven’t set up your Yahoo Mail on iPhone.
  • Inappropriate configuration of Yahoo Mail iPhone Settings.
  • Maybe corrupt or obsolete Yahoo Mail app you install in your iPhone.
  • Yahoo Mail server down can also be the one possible reason.


Complications That Encounter When Yahoo Mail Not Working on iPhone


Solutions To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone

Effective troubleshooting methods for instantly solving Yahoo Mail Not Working problem are listed underneath. So, stop looking here and there. Just pay a glance at the below-noted intuitive guide.


Solution 1: Reboot Your iPhone Device

Most of the time, rebooting works ultimately in resolving the common error issue. Thus, if your Yahoo Mail has stopped loading on your iPhone all of a sudden, let’s reboot your device first. Here’s how:

  • Press and hold the “Power” button along with the “Volume Up” button altogether. Within a few seconds, you will see the power-off slider.
  • Slightly drag the slider to the left and let the device turn off completely.
  • Once your iPhone is switched off, wait for a couple of moments.
  • Thereafter, turn it back ON. To switch on your iPhone, press the Power button till the Apple logo appears.

Now, try to open your Yahoo Mail account on your iPhone. If still, the Yahoo Mail is not working, this time set up iPhone Yahoo Mail Settings accurately. This will probably work, or if not, implement the next solving tricks.


Solution 2: Remove And Re-Add Yahoo Mail

Delete the recently installed Yahoo Mail and add the upgraded version of the Yahoo Mail app on your iPhone. Follow the beneath noted steps accordingly in order to re-adding Yahoo Mail:


Steps To Delete Yahoo Mail App on iPhone
  • First, go to the “Settings” tab.
  • Now, click on the “Passwords & Accounts” tab.
  • Now, search your Yahoo Mail account that you would like to remove from your iPhone.
  • Now, click the “Delete Account” button.
  • Finally, Yahoo Mail has been removed. You can now add the latest version.


Steps To Add Yahoo Mail Account on iPhone

You can set up your Yahoo Mail in your iPhone in two ways. One is automatically and another one is manual. Here’s how:

  • Add Yahoo Mail Manually

ü  Click on the “Settings” app.

ü  Give a click on the “Passwords & Accounts” option.

ü  Navigate to “Add Account” > “Other” > “Add Mail Account.”

ü  Now, provide your complete details such as your full name, email id, password, etc.

ü  Once you have entered the desired info, press the “Next” button.

ü  Now, choose the “IMAP” tab and enter the server settings info.

ü  Now, enter your email address of Yahoo and proceed.

  • Add Account Automatically

ü  Click the “Settings” tab.

ü  Go to the “Passwords & Accounts” section.

ü  Click on the “Add Account” tab.

ü  Opt for the “Yahoo” icon and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now, you have to do Yahoo Mail Server Settings For iPhone properly. Beneath we will show you how to do so. Let’s have a look:

  • Incoming Mail Server Settings For Yahoo

ü  Hostname: imap.mail.yahoo.com

ü  Port Number: 993

ü  SSL Requires: Yes

  • Outgoing Mail Server Settings For Yahoo

ü  Hostname: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

ü  Port Number: 465 or 587

ü  SSL Requires: Yes

ü  Require Authentication: Yes

Now, you can attempt to open your Yahoo Mail account on your iPhone to check if it is working fine. If still Yahoo Mail Not Working On iPhone, don’t panic! There are other fixing ways you should execute. Jump to the next solution.


Solution 3: Modify Your Yahoo Email Settings

Most users usually face sign-in issues while trying to access their Yahoo from different applications. In such a circumstance, users need to change the settings of their Yahoo email. Here’s how:

  • First and forecast, open the Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Thereafter, browse the Yahoo official site.
  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail using the correct email address and password.
  • After entering the account details, click on “Account Info” and then the “Account Security” tab.
  • Afterward, click on the option of “Allow apps that use less secure sign-in.”
  • This will enable you to sign in from non-Yahoo apps and access the account very frequently.


Solution 4: Update iOS System

If an iOS system is out-of-date, then also you will face Yahoo Mail Not Working problem. So, check it out first and make it up-to-date if required. Follow the given instructions only:

  • First, go to the “Settings” section on your iPhone.
  • Thereafter, navigate to General > Software Update.
  • Click on the “Install Now” tab if a new version is available.

If still, your Yahoo Mail doesn’t work, jump to the next solution.


Solution 5: Check Cellular Data Status

Make sure Cellular Data is enabled in your iPhone otherwise your Yahoo Mail will not work. Here’s how to check and make it enabled:

  • First, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone device.
  • Thereafter, from the given options, select “Cellular Data”.
  • Toggle the Mail app ON to ensure that your iPhone has been successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Now, you can start using your Yahoo Mail sending and receiving emails without any disruption.



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