Why is Yahoo Mail Not Working? 6 Way to Fix Yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail not working? You have come to the right place! Here we will help you troubleshoot your Yahoo mail so that you can get back access to your account. Just continue reading the article and fix your yahoo mail not working issue.

Yahoo Mail doesn’t need an introduction. Since the internet got easily accessible in the early twenties- Yahoo Mail is a major email service provider. There are millions of its users across the globe. It dominated the market till the last decade.

It has some additive features that give it an edge over its competitors. You can work with Yahoo Mail on various devices with different Operating Systems. Sometimes your Yahoo Mail doesn’t work properly because of various issues. There could be many possible issues such as Server Issue, Browser Issue, Connectivity Issue, or Configuration issue.


Yahoo Mail Not Working: Six Common Issues & Solution

This blog will give you an overview of the errors and common Yahoo mail not working issues that you will encounter while using the Mail app. There are various sections in the blog that deals with a different issue that occurs while using Yahoo Mail.


1. Pop Mail is not working in Yahoo Mail

Multiple steps associated, you have to follow the mentioned steps to fix the issues. Generally, you can fix the Yahoo mail not working issue on your own.

  1. Go To The Yahoo Mail Website. Log In to your Yahoo Account. Click on the Compose Mail button. Type your email address. Type some text in the mail.
  2. Click on the Send button and check if you are receiving the email.
  3. Check for the correct mail configuration. Ensure your IMAP or POP settings are correct. If they are not correct, enter the correct configuration settings.
  4. Check if the Firewall is blocking Port Number. Try disabling the Firewall and check if the issue has been resolved.
  5. If you have multiple accounts associated with your Yahoo Account. Try removing them and verifying the account again to fix this issue.


2. Mail Preview Feature is not Working In Yahoo Mail

It is a common Yahoo mail not working issue that users might face. You don’t need to worry if you face the same. Just look for the following steps.

  1. If you have additional plug-ins installed in your browser. Disable them and reload. Also temporarily disable any kind of Firewall or Antivirus if they are working.
  2. Go to Yahoo Mail, Search for General Tab and then click Behaviour. Check the box with the option “Enable Preview Pane”.
  3. At the top of the Inbox, Click on The View This button controls how you see your email in the inbox. Select the Option “In Scrolling List (Show Preview)” from the drop-down list. This will enable the preview pane.
  4. If you have been using Yahoo! Mail Classic and haven’t updated. You need to update to the latest version since the Preview Pane option has been removed from the previous version. Hence you need to update if you want to use the preview feature.


3. Yahoo Mail is Not Able to Upload Mail Attachments

Some kind of reasons If you are not able to upload the attachments. So try using another browser when attachments get uploaded.

  1. Check if the file name of the attachment is not containing any special characters like forwarding/backward slashes, ™, or $ signs. Rename the file if they have any special character in the file name.
  2. Remove the punctuation too in the file name before adding the attachment to the mail.
  3. Sometimes there is an issue within the browser itself. So try using another browser when attachments get uploaded.
  4. Turn off the Firewall temporarily to prevent any kind of interference.


4. Unable to Download Attachments

Sometimes it is quite frustrating when you are clicking your attachment within the mail, but it is neither downloading nor opening that. If you face such an issue, please follow the below steps.

  1. Check the browser compatibility for Yahoo Mail. Generally, an outdated version of the browser causes this. So make sure to use the latest version of the browser.
  2. Check the Firewall, if it is preventing the attachment to be downloaded. Certain times the attachments are treated as threats to the system and hence the download is blocked by the firewall for a security purpose. In that case, you can simply try disabling the Firewall or Antivirus software for some time.
  3. Somewhat similar to the additional plug-ins that are downloaded in the browser, they inhibit the downloading of the attachment. Remove the extensions from browsers to fix it.
  4. Still, if the issue isn’t fixed, try another browser to download the attachments in Yahoo Mail.


5. Unable to Change the Yahoo Mail Password

Passwords are an important aspect of any Email Account. It should be updated at frequent intervals to maintain the safety of the account. Though it is an easy process, few of us can feel trouble in changing passwords. Here is the step-by-step process to change the password.

  1. Click on The Settings App on Your Phone. Then click on the Account Information and choose the Security settings. Now click on the security passphrase option followed by clicking on Change Password.
  2. Enter the unique password with the combination of the characters, numerals, and upper/ lower case letters.
  3. Enter the passphrase again in the designated field. Click on OK. Your password has been successfully changed.


6. Facing Issue while sending Mails from Yahoo Mail

There might be different reasons that account for this Yahoo Mail not working issue. The prominent reason can be the poor or fluctuating internet speed. Try reconnecting to the network with faster data speeds. If your attachment exceeds the size of 25MB, you might face the failure of the mail delivery.  There is a cap of file size 25MB imposed on attachment size.

  • Sometimes your mail is detected as spam and directly sent to the spam folder in recipients’ mail. In that case, ask him/her to check the spam folder.

Though the error we have encountered with Yahoo Mail can easily be fixed, it can be frustrating while you are dealing with an important job.


Final Words

We hope the above solutions help you fix your Yahoo Mail Not working problem. if still, you face any single issue So, you  Feel free to contact Yahoo Mail Support in case you need further assistance.