Why are Yahoo Mail Filters Not Working?

The spam filter for Yahoo mail works pretty well, however, some of the mails that are supposed to be in the spam folder might slip through in the inbox. Even after using the filters, the messages don’t pop up in the right folders sometimes because Yahoo mail filters not working.

There are a lot of complaints about the functionality of the filters. Let’s understand why yahoo mail filters don’t work and how they can be fixed with any help from the experts.


What are Yahoo Mail Filters?

Mails getting clogged up in the inbox is something that nobody enjoys. Having unwanted emails, urgent emails, work emails, personal emails, etc., all mixed up in your inbox can get really messy. Yahoo has a special feature to sort out emails into different folders.

Yahoo’s advanced filtering tool runs even when you’re not in the email program. Yahoo can do all the filtering in the background. Then you are in control of your inbox that has the most important things when you come online.

The folders have things that can be checked at a later time. It automatically sorts out the emails. Spam messages go in the spam folder.

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How to use Yahoo Mail filters?

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you create folders before you put the filters. Folders are to sort all your emails and organize them.

These can be created at a later stage too. But creating them at the start makes it easier to apply filters.

  • Determining the type of emails you want to filter, for example, emails coming from Yahoo itself, Newsletters, etc.
  • Next, go to settings followed by clicking on more settings.
  • Now, click on filters followed by clicking on ‘Add new filters’
  • In the new section, Give the details of the filter.


In Details

    1. Name Give a name to the filter. Make sure that it is unique and easily identifiable by you. For example, for the emails that Yahoo sends, you can name the filter as ‘Yahoo mails’. Don’t just name the filter as ‘filter’.
    2. Set Rules These are the important criteria that are set for Yahoo to filter out the emails.
      1. From: From a certain sender- Enter the person’s email address under ‘From’ so the line reads ‘From contains sender@ example.com, make sure that Match case is not checked.
      2. To/CC: If you want to filter out the emails that are not sent to you as direct senders. You can use this. Make the To/CC line to read ‘To/CC does not contain youremail@yahoo.com’
      3. Subject: This can be used if you want your emails that contain or do not contain a certain text in the subject line.
      4. Body: This can be used if you want to filter out emails that contain specific text in the body.
  • Choose a folder to move to Under Choose a folder to move to, choose the folder that you want these emails to go to.
  • The filter is now created and you’ll be able to see it in the second section.
  • The previous emails in your inbox will not be moved and have to be moved manually. But any new emails are now automatically moved to the folder.

Note: In case you’re still using classic email, the procedure is almost the same. You’ll be able to find filter settings under the gear icon and you can give priority to things that you want to work on.



Steps to fix Yahoo mail filters not working issue

The Yahoo mail filters tools help you keep your inbox organized  But there are instances when the users find their yahoo mail spam filters not working. There might be various reasons for this.


Here are a few ways of checking it.


1. Mark important email, not spam:

If the emails are not getting into the right folder, check the spam folder. Some emails might get into spam folders. Mark the important email as not spam and start getting them in the inbox.


2. Check empty filters:

Check if any empty filters have been created. Empty filters are the filters that do not have any rules given in them. These usually affect what comes or doesn’t come in your inbox.

Make sure to check the filter guidelines to avoid filters yahoo mail, not working issues. Check the filter settings of every filter to make sure everything is in place.


3. Multiple criteria filters:

If you have given filters with multiple criteria, filters usually consider every criterion to filter it out. It’s always better to go with multiple filters instead of multiple criteria filters.


4. Conflicting rules:

FIlters with conflicting rules. Check if any filters are conflicting. Try not to use the negative criteria like ‘does not contain’ and opt for the positive ones.

If you’re using a mobile app or programs like Outlook or Mac Mail, that is set up to delete emails from the yahoo mail server, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer to help.


Yahoo Mail Filters Not Working In IMAP and POP Accounts



IMAP allows you to access your email from wherever you are, from any device. When you read some email message from IMAP you’re not downloading but simply reading it from the email service. IMAP only downloads messages when you click on it. And attachments aren’t automatically downloaded. In IMAP accounts, Yahoo Mail Filters won’t work on 3rd party mailboxes. It will work on a nickname or disposable email address as well.


POP Accounts:

POP works by downloading all the messages and attachments. Once they are downloaded to your PC, it will automatically delete them from the email service. The email can be accessed only using the same computer. If you try to access it from some other device, it won’t be available for you. For POP accounts, Yahoo Mail Filters from other folders will prevent your mail client from downloading them. It can only download emails from the Inbox folder.



Users get disappointed when they find their yahoo mail filters not working. If none of the solutions work for you or If you’re using a mobile app or programs like Outlook or Mac Mail, that is set up to delete emails from the server, you’ll need to contact Yahoo support to help. The team is available 24*7 to resolve your issues. Therefore, we give you the best results in the minimum possible time.