Yahoo Mail Connection To Server Failed? Fix the Issue Now

Yahoo is a prevalent email service provider that facilitates people in sharing and transferring files across the World Wide Web. People love how it seamlessly helps them to send or receive emails. It also comes with a good storage capacity.

Yahoo Mail Connection To Server Failed

However, sometimes users may need to see an important email but can find that they cannot access their account. They cannot access their account because of a server failure. You can tackle this problem of Yahoo Mail connection to server failed with a few fixes. In this article, you’ll learn what to do when Yahoo Mail cannot connect to the server.

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Measures to Take Upon Finding Yahoo Mail Connection To Server Failed

Upon noticing this issue, you can take various steps to prevent the situation from complicating further. All the actionable steps are explained below.


Inspect the net connection

When you find Yahoo connection to server failed, immediately inspect the internet connection. Take the following steps.

  • Restart your phone.
  • Now input your email ID once again.
  • Change yahoo account password of your email to fix the issue.
  • Move the emails to another folder and see if it solves the problem.
  • Contact your network administrator to know about the server problems.
  • Reset the network settings of your device.
  • Try factory resetting your mobile device.


Reset the network settings on your smartphone

You can reset your phone’s network settings to fix the problem of Yahoo Mail connection to the server failed. It is easy to reset the network settings. Follow these steps.

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘General.’
  • Now, choose ‘Reset’ and tap ‘Reset Network Setting.’
  • Next, type in the passcode details.
  • Pick the method to ‘Reset Network Settings.’
  • Now, start your device again.


Change or reset the password.

To boost the privacy of your account, you must change Yahoo email account’s password. Follow these steps for changing it on the web browser and the Yahoo Mail app.

Web browser

  • Navigate to the ‘Security’ page of the Yahoo Mail account.
  • Select the option of ‘Change Password.’
  • Type in a password and hit ‘Continue.’

Yahoo Mail application

  • Launch the Mail app on your smartphone.
  • Click ‘Menu’ and choose ‘Manage Accounts.’
  • Tap ‘Account Info’ and then hit the ‘Security Settings’ button.
  • Type in your security code and click the ‘Change Password’ button.
  • Choose ‘I’d rather change my password.’
  • Type in another password for your mail account and hit ‘Continue.’


Fix Yahoo Mail Settings

It is important to fix the yahoo mail settings when you find the connection to the server failed Yahoo Mail. Ensure that the POP settings in Yahoo Mail are configured correctly. You should also configure the SMTP settings. Set them as follows.

Incoming mail server (POP settings)

  • Set your server as
  • 995 is the incoming port number.
  • SSL is required and is Yes.

Outgoing mail server (SMTP settings)

  • Set your server as
  • 465 or 587 is the port number.
  • SSL is needed. If available, it needs TLS also.
  • The authentication requires to be set as Yes.

Login information

  • You will have to input your complete email address, which includes the domain name.
  • You also need to provide the password of your account as well as the authentication so as to make modifications to it.

Suppose you use over two devices to link your Yahoo account and want to get that same thing by synchronizing the account. In that case, you’ll need to modify the Yahoo IMAP settings. The IMAP settings are given below.

  • Set your IMAP server as
  • Choose the port number as 993.
  • SSL/TSL is Yes.
  • Now, input your complete Yahoo email address.
  • For the IMAP password, input your complete Yahoo account password.

After entering the settings given above, you can effectively configure SMTP, IMAP, and POP settings for your Yahoo email account. If you face any problems while configuring these settings, it’s best to contact Yahoo support. The support staff will assist you in this process so you can use your email account efficiently again.


Disable your security software temporarily.

Security software like Firewall or any other antivirus program can also be a cause of Yahoo connection to the server failed. These can block the ail server ports. So, disable them temporarily to unblock the ports. After that, you can check if the problem persists.


Final Words

It is recommended that you follow all the troubleshooting fixes explained in this article to get rid of the problem of Yahoo Mail connection to server failed. Ensure that you configure the POP and SMTP server settings carefully. If you cannot deal with the issue by yourself or get stuck somewhere, seek the help of Yahoo support services. You can contact them at any time of the day to get speedy resolutions.