Discover the best way to Set up Yahoo Mail Auto Reply

Yahoo Mail is one of the popular email service providers which allow users to access, send and receive emails to other mail systems. Create yahoo mail account and easily manage all your important emails through any kind of device.

This particular mail service providers offer a wide range of features and Yahoo Mail auto reply is one of the essential functions. You need to enable and set up this option by following some steps.

If you are new to Yahoo mail then you need to spend some time and read some simple user manuals of operation Yahoo mail. For more details, you may go through this online journal and dig all suitable answers as per your required questions and doubts right away.



Various Methods to Set up Auto-reply in Yahoo Mail


Step 1: Default Approach 

  • Open Yahoo Mail then clicks on Gear in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the More Configuration Settings option then select Vacation Response.
  • Click to Turn it on.
  • Add the end and start date for the auto-reply function.
  • Type an auto-reply message for senders who share a domain
  • Mark Send a Different Response to Specific Domain box.
  • Click Save then OK.
  • We hope you have successfully set up auto reply yahoo mail settings.
  • Go to the next step if still there is an issue.


Step 2: Enable auto-response during these dates (inclusive) 

  • Open Yahoo Mail then go to Account Info
  • Tap Options then click on GO.
  • Click on Vacation Response and mark Enable auto-response during these dates (inclusive) box.
  • Add or specific the start and end date for the auto-reply then type or wrote an auto-reply message. (text formatting isn’t available for the same) Mark Different responses to emails from a specific domain and click the Save button.
  • Check the next step if still cannot fix the Yahoo Mail Auto reply problem.



What is the reason behind Setting up Auto reply in Yahoo Mail?

Auto-reply mode or option is also known as the ‘out of office’ feature which helps users to make an auto-response to some of the general or important mails. Suppose you are away from the office or enjoying your vacation and suddenly get an important mail from your boss or organization but forget to reply due to some personal issues.

At that point, it may turn into a huge mistake and you may lose your job or not be able to receive some kind of important information. And that is why auto reply in Yahoo mail is available here which directly respond to these kinds of necessary mails. This option also saves your precious time which you may waste in reading or ignoring your personal or professionals emails.



How to Disable Auto reply on Yahoo Mail or Gmail? 

You need to go through and apply these steps one by one:

  • Open your Yahoo Mail and click on Gear which appears upper right corner of the mail application dashboard.
  • Click on Settings and click on your email settings to open it.
  • Find the auto reply or Smart reply option, and click on the slider to disable or stop it.
  • Click on Save to apply the settings.
  • Now you have successfully stop auto reply on Yahoo Mail.



Vital Things to Consider for Auto Reply Yahoo Mail 

Before turning on your auto reply Yahoo mail option, you need to keep some important points in your mind, which are;

  • Keep your auto-reply message brief and short, as no one wants to get a message full of several paragraphs and long sentences. So, try to use a short form of content to save time.
  • You don’t need to mention all the unnecessary and irrelevant information, don’t be add some extra and detailed stuff to your auto-response message.
  • Follow a simple format of auto-reply mail and only talk about the relevant and exact solution of the problem.
  • Try to avoid adding your personal contact information to your auto-email response otherwise, you may waste your entire day and time in answering or ignoring the calls. Just mention your number only with higher management or colleagues.



Disadvantages of Turning on Auto reply option in Yahoo Mail

Scammers and hackers easily can attract to your inbox because when you open auto reply in Yahoo Mail, these fake accounts start to receiving auto-responses and your account will be easily noticed.

With the use of this particular feature, you may give any of your important information to some unwanted user or account as people can simply open your same auto-reply message anytime where you have shared some personal or official details.




After crafting this piece of content, we can say that there are pros and cons of setting up the Yahoo Mail auto reply attribute but before exploring all of those, you should know how you can directly enable this email service option.

This is we have already shared all the vital ways to turn this property on. You just need to follow and apply all the solutions which are mentioned in this article. But if you still find any kind of issues while going through these directions, you may directly connect to a team of Yahoo support professionals and clear and rectify your difficulties related to auto-reply on Yahoo mail.

To get in touch with our well-experienced and well-trusted adepts, dial a toll-free customer care number and find the best possible researched answers as per your blunders and errors within the shortest possible time.

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