Why is Yahoo Mail Archiving Important?

Yahoo has been users’ favorite before the emergence of Gmail. It provided excellent email client services to its users and is admired even today. One of those features of yahoo is yahoo mail archiving which lets you secure yahoo emails important to you.

The yahoo mail archive folder can be used for various reasons.

  • First, when you want to clear your inbox but do not wish to delete all your emails.
  • Second, when you want to protect your important emails from getting deleted, misused, or hacked.

Despite the fact that these email services deliver the best security measures yet the fear of something wrong is always there. Things like data modification, unexpected hacking, or misuse are always in practice by some hackers. You should be prepared in any case. For that, you have two options; either delete all the data or archive your emails.

Nonetheless, the first option is not as helpful as the second. You can choose to delete emails that have no significance while archiving emails that are important and can be used in the future. In addition to this also learn how to stop auto-archive in yahoo mail.


What is the Meaning of Yahoo Email Archiving?

Having an archive folder in yahoo mail is like having a secret place in your room where you keep your precious things hidden. Likewise, for your significant emails, you need a place and that is the archive folder in your email application.

The advantage of archiving the mails is that:

  • You have free space in your inbox.
  • Access to significant emails anytime.
  • You have your precious emails saved and protected somewhere else but disappeared from the inbox.


What are the Steps for Yahoo Mail Archive and Delete?

The steps to archive and delete yahoo mails are different. Both these methods can be used for different purposes.

While you choose to delete yahoo mails you can use diverse fields like user name, date, range, or email id. It will help you to segregate the emails and allows you to delete unnecessary emails in less time.

Further, you can also delete by different folders like social, promotion, update, etc. usually emails from social and promotional are not as important as update emails are.


Steps to Delete Yahoo Mails:

  1. Go to the browser and log into your yahoo mail. If you don’t remember the password you can either change or take assistance from yahoo support.
  2. On the header area, you will see a checkbox, select it.
  3. From here, you can also choose among the options like- all, none, read, unread, starred, and unstarred.
  4. Once you have made the choice click on the checkbox accordingly and remember that emails on the screen will be deleted.
  5. To delete, click on the bin-box icon.

Once you click on the icon the emails would be deleted and the only way to get back them is by undoing the action. So go through the mails before you act so as to save your time and energy.


Steps to Archive Yahoo Emails

  1. Go to the browser and log into your yahoo mail.
  2. On the inbox section on the left side of the application window, select the drop-down list.
  3. From here select “clean your inbox”.
  4. A window will pop up. Select “archive emails”.

It may take a little while so you have to wait until the process of archiving the emails is completed. If the number of emails is high then you may have to wait a little longer.

As the process is completed the emails will be archived and you will have an empty inbox.

Archiving mails definitely helps but sometimes the auto-archive moves unwanted mails. To escape this situation, learn how to stop auto-archiving in yahoo mail.


How to Stop Auto-Archive in Yahoo Mail?

Often, the emails do not appear in the inbox section and are received directly in the archive section. In such a case, you missed to response important emails and that’s just unaccepted.

Worry not! Here is the solution. Just follow the steps below and you will start receiving the emails in the inbox.

  1. Login to your yahoo mail account.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Look for the option ‘filters’ and select it.
  4. From here you can alter the settings- archive to inbox.

Now, you will receive yahoo emails in the inbox section. Later you can delete or archive as per your choice.


How can One View and Search Yahoo Archive Folder?

Just as finding mails from the inbox is tricky, so is the case with the yahoo mail archive folder.

You have saved and moved all the important emails to the archive. If you have been following the process on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis then you will have a pile of archived emails.

However, you still have a helper to view and search any mail from the archived folder.

Backup X is a tool that allows you to securely archive your emails and organize them as well. It let you protect the archive folder with a passcode. If you ever need to find any mail, you can use this tool. It gathers all your archived emails in one place and makes it super convenient to view the list.


Is it Worth Archiving Mails from Yahoo?

Well, that depends from user to user. If you are a professional who frequently uses your personal yahoo account for conversations, meetings, exchanges doc, and mails then yes, it is worth archiving the mails of yahoo.

Further, if you encounter issues in the process of yahoo mail archiving, we have experts to help you out. Besides that for other queries and help also, you can contact the yahoo support team. We offer worldwide round-the-clock services.