How to Create Yahoo Email Alias? [Solved]

If you are a Yahoo mail service user, quite often, you might have wished for another email address that is separate from the one you employ for your work and personal use. Many users desire another email address to receive notifications of shops and newsletters that they have subscribed to. It prevents their original Yahoo mail from getting spammed due to the newsletter messages and notifications. It is precisely here that you can make use of the yahoo email alias.

Put simply, an alias is a disposable address that you can use in place of your Yahoo email ID. It is ideal for Yahoo messenger and message boards where you wouldn’t want your email address to be displayed.

In this article, you’ll find all the information to create an email alias which you can also disable without losing your Yahoo account.


What is Yahoo Email Alias?

A yahoo mail alias can be used as a disguise for your original Yahoo mail account with your Yahoo ID. You don’t have to give your main Yahoo email address to get a message and use it in the ‘From’ field when you compose emails. You can easily use address rather than it.

You will receive messages that will be sent to your email alias in your main Yahoo account. Similarly, the messages that you send from your email alias can happen from your original Yahoo email account.

Now you would wonder, how to create a yahoo email alias? Before you read the instructions to do so, remember that you can make an email alias on your Yahoo mail only through a web browser. You cannot do it from Yahoo mobile app for Android and iOS. But after creating it through the web, you can receive and see messages that are transmitted to your email alias through the mail app.


Steps to Create Yahoo Email Alias

If you find a yahoo email alias missing, don’t worry. You can easily create one by adhering to the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to in your browser and log in to your account.
  2. Choose ‘Settings.’ You can find it in the top right corner.
  3. Choose ‘More Settings.’ You can locate it at the sidebar’s bottom on the right.
  4. Now choose ‘Mailboxes.’
  5. Choose the ‘Ad’ button below the email alias section.
  6. Input your new email alias name in the field of ‘Create a new Yahoo Mail address.’ When you are entering the name of your email alias, don’t write ‘’ part.
  7. Keep in mind to only include numbers, periods, underscores, and letters in your mail address. Also, you can only edit your email alias yahoo twice a year.
  8. Choose the ‘Set up’ button in blue colour.
  9. If the email alias you want is taken by someone else, then you cannot use it. In this case, you can go for a new name or choose a suggestion that is given in the list below.
  10. After you have successfully created your email alias, you will have to provide the given information.
  • Your name – Will be displayed in every email you send.
  • A description – Write a very concise description.
  • Reply-to address – Select if you want to get replies from the messages which are sent through the email alias back to it or to your primary Yahoo email address.
  1. Choose the ‘Finish’ button in blue.


Steps to Send Emails from Your Email Alias

After creating an email alias yahoo, you can send emails through your email alias from the Yahoo Mail app for smartphones as well as the web. Go through these steps below for sending emails.

  • On the web, choose ‘Compose’ to compose a new message.
  • If you’re using the Yahoo mail app, click on the icon of colored pencil, which you can see at the bottom right.
  • Locate the icon of the dropdown arrow in the ‘From’ field. Click it to view all email addresses and choose your email alias, so it becomes your sending email address.
  • Draft your email as you usually do and after you are done, send it. The recipients who will receive your mail will see your email alias as your email address. If you encounter any issues in this process, connect with yahoo support services.


How to make your email alias as default sending address?

You can also make your email alias your default sending address. Follow the points listed below.

  • Go to the web and choose ‘Settings.’
  • Navigate to ‘More Settings’ and then to ‘Mailboxes.’
  • Choose ‘Writing email.’
  • Choose the dropdown arrow below the ‘Default sending address.’

These steps will allow your email alias to become your new default. You will not have to go through the steps given in the previous section, again and again, every time.



Can You Make an Extra Yahoo Email Alias for a Different Purpose?

In yahoo, You can have only one yahoo mail alias for sending and receiving messages. But there are two different types of email aliases that you can create for certain kinds of email activities. These are mentioned below.


Send-only email addresses

It can be found below the ‘Email alias’ label in the section of ‘Mailboxes.’ You can make around ten more email addresses and send messages from there. Choose ‘Add’ below ‘Send-only email addresses’ for adding a mail address. Choose the dropdown arrow in the ‘From’ field when you want to reply to a message.


Disposable email addresses

You can find it under ‘Sent-only email addresses.’ Disposable email address is for receiving third-party newsletters. You can create around 500 disposable email addresses via different services, which will get delivered to your inbox.


Final Words

The steps for creating a yahoo email alias are not very difficult to follow. After it creating it once, you can also make it your default sending address. Moreover, you can create different kinds of email alias for different activities.

As you read above all, about yahoo still If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to get help from yahoo support service professionals.