Understanding the reason for Why is Yahoo mail so slow with fixes

When it comes to a reputable email service, nothing matches Yahoo Mail’s performance. Typically, users get trapped due to Yahoo Mail’s sluggish message loading speed. You begin to wonder why Yahoo mail is so slow. As a result, all email-related tasks become slower.

You may simply resolve the Yahoo mail sluggish message loading issue. You will need to take a few steps to do the same. Whether Yahoo mail slows on the browser or the app, you may simply resolve the issue. We will go through both of these in detail so that you can follow along without being confused.


Cause of “Yahoo mail is slow”

When Yahoo! launched its new email browser, several customers had issues with yahoo mail messages loading slowly. According to Yahoo!, the most probable cause is a Web browser that does not support caching. Internet Explorer stores caches of different Web sites so that you are not required to download them every time you enter, but may instead utilize the data already on your hard disk. To improve Yahoo! Mail, you must activate caching.


Troubleshooting in order to determine “why Yahoo mail is so slow”


Step 1: Verify the connection of your network

Congestion on your network slows the synchronization of Yahoo mail pages owing to either a broadcast storm or insufficient bandwidth. This would lead to “Yahoo mail very slow”. Conduct a connection diagnostic to see if your network connection is experiencing an overload by performing the following:

  • Navigate to the settings section of your browser account.
  • Select the diagnostics tab and start a test.
  • You will be provided with a summary of the connection’s findings.
  • Troubleshoot it and contact your Internet service provider if the problem continues.


Step 2: Ensure that your web browser is up to date.

Your web browser must be upgraded to support the newest version of Yahoo mail. Assure that you get a high-quality user experience by upgrading your web browser via:

  • Launch the Google Play or Apple App Store app on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Choose the menu button in the upper-left corner and choose My apps and games.
  • Conduct a search for your particular web browser in the updates section.
  • Adhesive tape update next to the web browser.


Step 3: Delete your browser’s cached data

One of the answers to why is Yahoo mail slow lies in slow connection.

Slow connection to applications comes from cached data from component files and your browser’s memory. To accelerate page loading, clear your cached data using the following methods.

  • On your device, go to the settings menu and choose the storage option.
  • Select internal storage and then cached data.
  • Choose a web browser.
  • To confirm the deletion of cached data, click OK.


Step 4: Disable all browser add-ons.

Extensions and add-ons use a significant amount of browser RAM, which slows Yahoo Mail. Disable all browser extensions and add-ons to improve your browser’s performance by:

  • On your browser’s upper right corner, click the menu button.
  • Choose additional tools and then tap on extensions.
  • To deactivate the extension settings, click the uncheck option.
  • Alternatively, click the trash can symbol to delete.


Step 5: Incorporate JavaScript

JavaScript improves your web browser’s performance and usefulness. Enable JavaScript in your web browser using the instructions below to speed up the loading of your Yahoo mail.

  • Select personalize and control from the web browser’s menu.
  • Navigate to the advanced settings by tapping on settings.
  • Select “Privacy” and then “Content settings.”
  • Enable the dialog box to appear and then click on JavaScript to allow it to execute on all sites.
  • Refresh the pages by closing the settings tab.


Access Yahoo Mail Using a Supported Web Browser

Utilizing an unsupported web browser to access your Yahoo Mail account is a frequent cause of many Yahoo difficulties, including sluggish Yahoo Mail. Therefore, it is recommended that you first ensure that you are accessing your Yahoo Mail account on your computer through a compatible web browser.


Verify your web browser’s and computer’s settings.

If you’ve verified that none of the above two causes is causing your Yahoo Mail account to operate slowly, proceed with the following steps. Begin with the first measure and see if it resolves your issue before proceeding to the next.

  • Clear your web browser’s cache.
  • Upgrade to the newest version of your web browser.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Ascertain that JavaScript is enabled in your web browser.
  • Using your browser, deactivate browser improvements. Do it one by one. for example, deactivate add-ons first and then move on to deactivate plug-ins.
  • Deactivate anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software.
  • Verify that your Yahoo Mail is functioning normally on another computer or mobile device.
  • Restore the web browser’s preferences to their default state.

You can contact Yahoo support for any assistance related to the Yahoo slow-down issue.



You will have to troubleshoot to understand why is Yahoo mail so slow. This would help you to understand the exact nature of the problem and fix it accordingly. If you get stuck somewhere or need any help to fix the Yahoo mail problem, contact the Yahoo support team.