If you want to read your Yahoo mails on your Android device, you can either use the POP3 option or official mail map. The benefit of using POP3 is that you can merge your mails from other mail account into one inbox. Here are easy ways to setup yahoo mail on Android. If you’re facing any difficulty with Yahoo mail, you can call certified technicians through Yahoo Phone Number opened round the clock.

setup yahoo mail on Android

Steps to Setup Yahoo Mail on Android

Step 1 – Firstly, Open the email app

Open the email app

Step 2 – Click on “physical” option on your phone to mention the menu. Pick up “add account” button

Physical options

Step 3 – In the section of email service provider, pick “others” option. For any difficulty, you can contact yahoo support team quickly.

email service provider

Step 4 –

You must enter your yahoo mail address and password. Make sure “Send email from the account by default option”, if you look for to send email through the account by default. Click on “next” option and allow the mail app to identify the settings. You can go for manual method and click on “Manual setup” option. If you get stuck in this step, you can call at yahoo support number to get instant technical support from trained technical experts.

Login Page

Step 5 –

In the section of incoming server setting display, you need to fill up in your username and password. The POP3 Server is pop.mail.yahoo.com and the port is 995. For safety type, choose SSL. It will be easy for setup yahoo mail on android procedure.

Incoming Server Setting

On the base on your selection, you can either put the email in the web or remove it after you downloaded the yahoo email into your phone.

Incoming Server setting 2

Never optionNever remove email in Yahoo server.

When I Delete from Inbox- Remove the email in Yahoo server, when you removed it in your Android phone.

When I retrieve from server- Eliminate the email in Yahoo server after downloading the email into your phone. You will not be able to see the email in the web to any further extent.

Step 6 –

You should enter the information of the SMTP server. It is the server that you can use for sending emails properly. The SMTP server is security type is SSL, smtp.mail.yahoo.com, and port is 465, and check carefully require sign in checkbox. After that, you need to enter your username and password. You should click on “Next” button.

Outgoing Server Setting

Step 7 – Choose the option that match your choice and click on “next” button. For any difficulty, you can call certified Yahoo Support experts immediately.

account Option

Step 8 – Create the account with a name (the name will display in the inbox) and name that you want to use while sending email. Click on “done” button.

setup email

Step 9 –

Now, you can read your Yahoo mail with the aid of your android smart phone. Thus, you can set up yahoo mail on android smart phone in the right ways. For any difficulty, you can call at yahoo phone number to get instant solutions.


Final Instruction to Setup Yahoo Mail on Android

I hope, you will be able to setup your Yahoo mail on Android after applying the above given steps. In case, you face any technical while setting up the Yahoo mail then contact experts to get immediate help at your desk. A team of skilled technicians is always available at support desk to help customers.