How to Schedule an Email in Yahoo? [Solution]

Yahoo Mail is one of the most preferred email services, along with others like Gmail and Outlook. The mail service offers many great functionalities to its users. However, it’s sad to know that it still does not provide any functionality of scheduling emails to those who use it. If you frequently use Yahoo, then you need to seek the assistance of third-party applications for this purpose.

Many users wonder how to schedule an email in Yahoo? Till the year 2019, you could use Boomerang to send scheduled emails. But the functionality stopped functionality with the Yahoo mail service. Today,, a third-party application, is used for this purpose.


What are the Benefits of Scheduling Emails

You should know how to schedule an email to send later in Yahoo. It is especially true for business owners who want to keep up with their contacts. Some of the benefits of email scheduling are as follows:

  • Gain greater visibility – Email scheduling allows you to stay on top of the inbox of your receivers. This greater visibility results in better open rates and responses.
  • No fear of uncertainty – People working in offices often have a lot of things to focus on. It is not always possible to contemplate a suitable time to press the send button below an email. When you schedule email, you can focus more on things that are important to you at present, rather than thinking of when to click the send button.
  • More flexibility – Email scheduling brings forth greater flexibility. You can send emails to your recipients at a time that is convenient to them. It makes the whole communication process quite seamless, efficient, and fruitful.
  • Never forget to send important mails – In the midst of work, it is very likely that you can fail to send crucial emails to your clients. You might also forget to compose because of time shortage. Apart from that, users also find it challenging to manage mail schedules with varied time zones. All these difficulties can be resolved when you schedule mails.


How to Schedule an Email in Yahoo with

The service enables users to send their scheduled messages. It is free for up to ten emails monthly, after which you can buy a plan. You need to begin by registering yourself with this service.

How to register with

The first step to schedule email Yahoo is to get yourself registered with this service. Don’t worry. It is very easy. All you’re required to do is abide by the instructions below.

  • Type in in your web browser and hit Enter.
  • Tap on the option of ‘Register.’ You will see a registration form on your screen. Here you need to type in the details mentioned below.
  1. Your name
  2. Your email address. Keep in mind to register yourself with that email id that you want to use to send schedule mail.
  3. Your password. You don’t need to create a password having a combination of numbers and an alphabet.
  4. Confirm the password that you have entered.
  • Next, you will notice a tiny square box. Here you have to tick your consent with’s terms and conditions.
  • Tap the option of ‘Signup.’
  • You will see another window opening on your screen. In this window, you can view a Word account. It will be in blue colour. You need to tap on it for the verification of your email account. This is the last step to complete your registration procedure with Now you can progress to know the exact yahoo schedule email process.


How to Schedule an Email in Yahoo in a Few Steps?

Now that you’re well aware of the registration process, it will be very easy for you to begin the Yahoo mail schedule email process. Follow these steps and start scheduling your Yahoo emails efficiently.

  • You will notice an email dashboard. Here, select the option to compose to form your mail message.
  • Select the option of ‘Commit.’ You will notice a series of emails that appear with the attribute of schedule. If you find any problem in scheduling emails, contact Yahoo support.


What is the Email Delivery Options in

Now you know how to schedule Yahoo email through this service. It is worth noting that provides you with three options for email delivery. Irrespective of the option you select, every email will have your return address as the email address. It ensures that any of your recipient responses will land in your inbox.

  • In the first option, you can have your emails signed digitally by It is the default option. You can set it effortlessly and then start using it to receive separate recipient responses. For instance, if you dispatch a single to five recipients, you can view the logged response (or its absence) for respective recipients.
  • The second option entails anonymous sending of emails. But with this option, you run the risk of getting flagged as spam. You will also not receive any delivery confirmations.
  • In the third option, you can have the mails sent through SMTP. It enables the emails to be transmitted by your or any other email service. It’s a suitable choice for not getting the emails you send flagged as spam. You also have the advantage of finding your sent emails in your account’s sent folder. Although the option is a bit challenging to set up, it is very much worth your effort.



By now, you must be relatively familiar with the steps for how to schedule an email in Yahoo. There are various benefits of scheduling emails. The functionality is particularly useful for working professionals.

Follow the steps for registering and then scheduling an email in Yahoo using the service as described above. If you face any problems in scheduling mails, get in touch with the Yahoo support team.