Different Techniques on How to Recover Yahoo Account

If you’ve lost your Yahoo account, don’t worry. There are a few steps you can take to get it back. So, don’t worry.

how to recover Yahoo account

Confirming whether your Yahoo mail account is accessible before starting recovery

Before proceeding with the various techniques to recover Yahoo email account, you should check whether your email account is accessible or not. For the same, check out the following Yahoo mail procedures.

  • To check whether your Yahoo Mail account has been deleted, go to the Yahoo website.
  • To restore your Yahoo account, go over to the Yahoo account recovery website. Insert your Yahoo email address in the Email address or phone number area, then click Continue.
  • IF you get the message, “Sorry, we don’t recognize that email address or phone number”, your Yahoo account no longer exists or is permanently terminated.
  • Users receive up to 30 days from the time of removal to restore their account (roughly 90 days or approximately 180 days for accounts registered in different countries). Afterward, the account is permanently wiped from Yahoo’s systems, and you won’t be able to restore it.

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Different Techniques to Recover Yahoo Account

We have listed down the steps so that you can learn how to recover Yahoo account‘. Follow the instructions below to learn about different techniques to ‘recover Yahoo password’.’


Method 1: ‘Recover Yahoo email account’ by using Sign-in Helper

If you can’t remember your Yahoo Mail password, use these steps to recover your email account:

  • To restore your Yahoo account, go to the Yahoo account recovery website.
  • Select Continue after entering your Yahoo mail address in the Email address or phone number box.
  • Choose a method of verification (Text or Email).
  • Enter the verification code sent to you through text or email.
  • You’ll be required to create a new password if the verification code is input successfully. If you know your password, click Continue to change it, or I’ll safeguard my account later if you don’t.


Method 2: Using secret questions to ‘recover yahoo email account’?

  • If you’ve don’t remember your Yahoo password and want to sign in using your security questions, head over to Yahoo’s Contact page and click Password.
  • Choose Forgot Password, input your email address found in Recommended Option, and press Submit.
  • Continue by pressing the Next button. Type the CAPTCHA code if asked.
  • Choose Use my secret questions, then Next. Then input your security questions answers.
  • If everything is right, Yahoo will ask you to create a new password. To complete your password recovery, input your new press enter.

Please note: You can’t reset your password if you don’t have any secret questions saved while creating the Yahoo account.


Method 3: Recover Yahoo account with an email address, without the use of phone number. 

Login to your Yahoo page and input your email address instead and click on ‘forgot password’ option. The Password Helper will display your cellphone number if it is registered on your account. If you don’t want to receive text messages, choose No, I’m not able to receive text messages. 

Your alternative email address will be shown. Click on ‘Yes, contact me if you have permission to that email account.’ Your alternative email address will get an email with the subject “Recover access to your ‘recover my Yahoo account‘.” Hit Submit after entering the verification code that Yahoo sent to you. To login to your account, input the received code.


Incorrect ID or Password Notification Issue During the Recovery Process

You would wonder what’s going on if your efforts to log in fail during the recovery process. You may want to learn how to recover a yahoo email account‘ in such a case. Don’t fret, Incorrect ID or Invalid Password error notification may be the culprits in such cases. An incorrect ID or password notification indicates that you’ve supplied a password and Yahoo ID that differs from what’s on Yahoo memory while recovering a Yahoo account. 

Assure your caps lock and number lock keys are active or disabled as required if your password involves numbers or letters. Owing to key stroke-sensitive responsiveness, case-sensitive passwords, or erroneous input results in invalid password problems.

Examine the auto-fill options in your browser. If your browser normally inputs your password for you, and you’ve just updated your password, you’ll need to overrule your browser preferences by manually entering your new password.


Outdated Account Recovery Information Issue 

Yahoo email provider being concerned about the security of your account will only allow you to restore your email account only if you can show that you are the genuine owner. It is your responsibility to submit the most up-to-date and correct recovery information when creating an account. Hence, you must keep the latest phone number or secondary email address as recovery options. This is the simplest way to update your recovery information.

Last but not the least, you can contact Yahoo supportto check if there are other options to recover Yahoo email account. However, in these rare instances, if all fails, starting a new Yahoo account remains the last option.



If you have forgotten your Yahoo mail password, you may easily learn ‘how to recover Yahoo account’ and check your account. You may update or reset your Yahoo password, with or without a phone number. There are other techniques too. You can contact us to know more about these techniques and fix the issue of recovering Yahoo email account.