How to Recall an Email in Yahoo: Essential Steps to Follow

Picture this scenario in your mind. You sit down to compose an important email. You complete the mail and cannot wait to send it to the right recipient. So, after writing, you hurriedly press the ‘Send’ button. But just moments afterward, you realize that you’ve accidentally sent it to the wrong recipient.

The situation can indeed be quite damaging and embarrassing, and no one will like to be a part of it. It does not matter which email client you’re employing. It can be Outlook, Yahoo, or Google. If you send the message to the wrong person, you can get yourself in trouble. But there’s something to feel relieved of. Many email clients offer you the option of recovering or recalling the mail you’ve sent. In Yahoo, too, you can retrieve your mail. The article will tell you the steps for how to recall an email on Yahoo.


How to Recall an Email in Yahoo with Easy Steps

Unfortunately, Yahoo! Help does not offer any functionality for recalling a mail. If you use this email service, you need to be alert when sending your emails. If you remain cautious during this time, you can prevent the likelihood of sending the mail to the wrong person.

But recently, Yahoo released an update for its smartphone apps. It offers users the functionality to unsend emails. Follow the steps given below to know how to recall yahoo email.

  • Launch the Yahoo Mail app on your iOS or Android mobile device. The app functions similarly on both these platforms.
  • The default icon of Yahoo Mail is purple and also has a white envelope.
  • Sign in to the mail by clicking on ‘Sign in with Yahoo.’ In the subsequent pages, you have to type your Yahoo Mail password and address.
  • Now, click on the icon of a purple pencil. You can locate it on your device’s upper right section.
  • Now, input the recipient’s mail address and the subject. Ensure that you fill all the fields. You can leave the optional ones.
  • After you’ve finished filling out all the fields, hit ‘Send.’
  • At this time, you need to be very quick. When you click on ‘Send,’ and the email is transmitted to the recipient, you will see a bar on the screen’s bottom-left corner. Here you’ll notice the ‘Undo’ button. Click on it to cancel the email you have just sent.
  • You only have 3 to 5 seconds to undo the mail. So, be quick.

Note that the option of yahoo recall email is not compatible with iPhone 5s and all other iPhone models that are below it. Similarly, this option is not there for any Android version that has a 4.7-inch screen.


What Can You Do After You Send an Email that You Didn’t Want to Send?

Although you can use the yahoo recall email functionality, many times, users are not able to recall the message. It happens because there is very little time to recall it. If you happened to send a message that you did not intend to send, then first accept that you have made a mistake. This mistake can affect many individuals in your workplace, including your boss and other employees.

Acknowledge that you’ve committed a mistake and compose an apology email. You can compose two separate apology mails. One of them should be for all the people who have received your mail. The other should be for your boss separately.

In the future, always proofread the mail before sending it. Pay close attention to the recipient’s email address. Don’t be in a rush to hit the ‘Send’ button. People typically make this mistake when they are in a hurry. Learn from your mistake and take steps not to repeat it.


Is It Possible to Retrieve Deleted Emails in Yahoo?

After knowing how to recall an email in yahoo mail, you might wonder if you can also retrieve deleted emails. Similar to recalling emails, you can retrieve deleted emails if you act immediately. You will be much successful in un-deleting mail when you realize that you have accidentally deleted an important email within a few moments after doing it. The process to un-delete a message is given below.

  • Go to the ‘Trash’ folder in your mail. You will notice it present in the navigation pane at the left part of your email screen.
  • Select those emails that you want to undelete. Tap on ‘move.’
  • Tap the ‘Move’ icon that is present on top of the mail list. Then select ‘Inbox.’


How to retrieve deleted emails in Yahoo

You can recover messages that vanished from your account in the past 24 hours. Download all those emails you got a day before and the present day in your account. Now follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Yahoo Mail Restore Help Form. Tap ‘Send a Restore Request.’
  • Make use of the drop-down menu to enhance the issue. Choose ‘Mail: accidentally deleted messages on WebMail.’
  • Select the drop-down saying ‘When did you see the missing messages?’ Select a time range.
  • Input your Yahoo email address in the field.
  • After completing the CAPTCHA field, click ‘Create Request.’

Wait for Yahoo to return your mail account to the prior condition at that particular time. Meanwhile, you can continue forwarding or downloading any emails that arrived recently. The backup will replace your current email folders and boxes automatically. In case of more assistance for this process, contact yahoo support.


Closing Words

Now you know the exact steps for how to recall an email on yahoo. Due to this functionality, you can save yourself from experiencing much trouble. But remember that you have only a few seconds to press the ‘Undo’ button and recall the mail.

It’s also important to be cautious while you are composing and sending emails. Feel free to connect with the expert customer support team if you face any problem with your Yahoo mail account.