How to Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail? The Steps to Follow

The Yahoo Mail service has been in use for decades now. It comes only second in the list of the most widely used services after Gmail. Millions of users worldwide utilize the Yahoo email service for sending and receiving emails for both professional and personal purposes. Sometimes, you may need to delete some folders from your Yahoo email account.

Deleting folders that you do not need anymore is essential to prevent your account from becoming cluttered. So you should know the proper method of how to delete folders in Yahoo Mail. There are certain quick and easy ways through which you can get rid of folders that serve you no purpose. In this article, you’ll read about them in detail.


How to Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail does not allow you to delete the folder that is filled with emails. In such a case, you need to first move the emails out of the Yahoo Mail folder, or you should delete them. To know how to delete a folder in Yahoo Mail, follow these steps.

  • Launch that folder which you wish to delete.
  • Tap the box of ‘Select All.’ You can find it in your mail inbox’s top part. Choosing this option will let you highlight each message present in the folder.
  • Navigate to the main toolbar and choose ‘Delete,’ ‘Archive,’ or ‘Move’ for emptying the folder.
  • To quickly archive or move messages, it’s wise to set up your Yahoo account through IMAP in an email program.
  • When you have emptied the folder, choose the dropdown arrow that’s beside the folder name.
  • Select ‘Delete Folder.’ That’s it. You know how to Yahoo Mail delete folder.


How to Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail through the Manual Process

The manual process to delete folders in your Yahoo Mail is not difficult to follow. Go through these points carefully.

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Next, go to the left part of your computer screen and choose the dropdown symbol close to the option of ‘Folder.’ You’ll notice a set of folders that you have created earlier.
  • After that, figure out which folder you wish to delete from your email account.
  • When you determine the folder to be removed, right-click on it. You’ll find a dropdown list appearing on the screen.
  • Delete all the emails from this folder that you want to delete. After that, tap the option of ‘Delete folder.’
  • Tap the ‘Delete All Emails’ option from the list. You will notice a notification box on the screen. Right-tap on the button of ‘OK.’
  • Proceeding forward, you must right-click the folder that you desire to remove. After that, select the ‘Delete folder’ option.
  • These steps will help you delete any folder from your Yahoo email account.

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How to Delete Folders Via Yahoo Mail IMAP

IMAP is one of the most effective ways to link the Yahoo Mail account to any other device, like a mobile application or a desktop mail client.

In this section, you’ll learn how to delete folder in Yahoo Mail via IMAP. Remember that when you use Yahoo Mail IMAP, the messages you delete might not appear in the ‘Trash’ folder of Yahoo Mail. Your email program may shift them to a folder of local deleted items. Follow these instructions below.

  • Right-tap on that folder which you wish to delete.
  • From the menu, choose ‘Delete.’
  • That’s it. You have successfully deleted the needed folder in Yahoo Mail via IMAP. Note that if you deleted an empty folder mistakenly and desire to recover it, choose ‘Undo’ quickly when you see it on your Yahoo Mail screen’s top part.

If you encounter any problem deleting folders in your account, connect with professional Yahoo Support services.


How to Delete Folders in Yahoo Mail through Yahoo Mail Basic

Many people wonder how do I delete a folder in Yahoo Mail by using Yahoo Mail Basic. Yahoo Mail Basic is a simpler version of your Yahoo Mail and has a faster loading interface. Many users do not desire to use the full-featured Yahoo Mail version.

If you are also one among them, you can utilize the Yahoo Mail Basic service. Also, if your internet connection is poor or slow, or you face browser issues, then also you can utilize the basic version of Yahoo Mail. In the subsequent part, you’ll find how you can delete a custom folder from your account via Yahoo Mail Basic.

  • Start by opening the folder that needs to be removed from Yahoo Mail Basic.
  • Next, move all those emails that you want to keep with you. You can move these messages to some other folder.
  • After that, navigate to the folder list and choose ‘Edit’, which is beside ‘My Folders.’
  • Select the option of ‘Delete’ beside the folder that you desire to delete. This option is present under ‘My Folders.’ In Yahoo Mail Basic, there’s no need to empty the folder before removing or deleting it. The messages get directed to the trash folder, and you can retrieve them later.
  • Below ‘Delete Folder’, choose ‘OK.’ This is the process to follow when you want to know how to delete a Yahoo Mail folder.


The Process to Delete a Folder from Yahoo Mail App for Mobile

If you are accessing Yahoo Mail through an iPhone or Android device and desire to delete a folder, you can do so easily. Before deleting, ensure that the folder is empty.

  • Launch the Yahoo Mail app on your mobile and click on the inbox icon.
  • Press and hold the folder that you wish to delete.
  • Click ‘Delete’ from the list that appears.
  • Lastly, click ‘OK.’


Final Words

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you must have gained much clarity on how to delete folders in Yahoo Mail. The steps for doing it are easy to follow and implement. But don’t worry if you cannot delete folders using them. You can reach out for professional assistance. The yahoo support team experts will tackle all problems related to your Yahoo Email account.