What are the steps to create a group mailing list in a Yahoo account?

Yahoo is a renowned email service provider worldwide. If you are using the Yahoo email service at your workplace for managing newsletters, you often find yourself sending the same email to a group of people.

To ease your task, you can create a contact list in Yahoo with a group of people to whom you send the same emails very often.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to create a group in yahoo mail. Creating a group in Yahoo email will help you to ease the task and simplify the emailing process. However, to create a group list, you need to access the Yahoo account on your computer as a group cannot be created using the Yahoo application.

Let’s proceed further and find how to create a group in yahoo mail. To know more, keep reading:


How to create a mailing list in yahoo mail classic?

It is easy to create a mailing list on your yahoo account, here how to create a mailing list in yahoo mail classic on your computer:

  • Open the web browser on your computer.
  • Visit mail.yahoo.com. From here, sign in to your yahoo account.
  • Tap on the “Contacts” icon. You can find that Icon on the top right-most corner.
  • Your contact list must be up to date.
  • To add the contacts,  Tap the” add new contact” option. You do not need to enter all the details to have the contact but you have to provide the name and email address.  If you want to import the contacts from any other email account, you need to tap on the three dots present at the top right corner. Choose the ” Import from another account”  option.
  • Proceed with the onscreen instructions to add the contact.
  • Now, click “Lists”.
  • Click the “Create Lists” option. If you have already created a mailing list, you will see the name of the list rather than the option to create a new one. From the drop-down menu, choose the “create list” option to create another list.
  • Now enter the name for your list.  Your name must clearly describe the list type, for example, “Board members” or “neighborhood groups”.
  • Add contacts to the list by choosing the “add contact”  option.
  • Hit the “Save”  button.  Your mailing list will now be saved in the “Lists”  tab.

So, this is how to create a mailing list in yahoo mail classic. If you want to manage the list for future reference, you can simply click on the “contacts” Icon. Go to the “Lists” tab, and choose the list from the dropdown menu. After that, click the “Edit”  option. Just make sure that you add the members to your main contact list before you add them to the group.


How to create a group list in yahoo mail?

When you group the contacts to your email list, it’s simply the emailing process. To know how to create a group in yahoo mail, proceed with the instructions provided below.

  • Sign in to your yahoo account using the web browser.
  • Click the ” contacts”.
  • Choose “Lists”>> “Create Lists” option.
  • Here, you need to name the list.
  • Once you have added the list, click the “Save” button.
  • If you want to add or remove members from the list, you need to open the list menu and click on the “Edit” option to make the changes.

This is how to create a group distribution list in yahoo mail.  If you want to send a group email, you need to click on the “compose”  option.  Enter the name of the email list in the “To” field.  Send an email to the group like you have sent it to anyone else.


How to add members to the Yahoo Mail group?

If you want to create a group mail ID for your account, proceed with the instructions below:

  • Choose the “Edit” option present next to the least you have created.
  • Add the contact by providing the name and email address. Repeat the step until you are all the email addresses you need.
  • Hit the save button.

This is how to add members to the Yahoo Mail group.


How to send an email to your Yahoo mail list? 

  • For sending an email, click the “Compose” option.
  • In the ” CC/BCC”  field, enter the email list you have created.
  • Continue to compose your message and send it.

By following these simple steps you will get to know how to create a group mail id in your Yahoo account. Just make sure that you do not miss any steps to avoid any technical trouble in between the process.


Wrapping up

We hope that with the steps we have mentioned above you will get to learn how to create a group in the Yahoo Mail account.

Once you have successfully created the email list for your yahoo account, you can send the email to a group of people in one go. Creating the mailing list will ease your emailing task, and also let you manage the workload.

The provided guidelines are simple to follow, however, if you still find any technical trouble hampering your experience in the process, contact the Yahoo support team for help.

The experts are available around the clock to help you out in dealing with Yahoo Mail-related issues and teach you how to create a group in Yahoo email. You can contact the experts by dialing a toll-free number, or you can share your query by sending an email. If you want to contact the experts in real-time, you can also use the live chat support service and get instant help from the professionals.