How to Block Someone on Yahoo Mail on Browser and Phone?

Yahoo Mail is quite a functional and responsive email service that many people utilize for family or work communication purposes. But like other email services, people using this email also frequently receive things like fake advertisement offers, referrals, spam, and the like. It’s best to block such kids of emails. Yahoo mail provides you with an option to automatically delete incoming messages to up to as many as 500 email messages.

In this article, you’ll learn how to block someone on Yahoo Mail on your browser and your mobile devices. Knowing how to block someone on your Yahoo Mail will prevent you from getting bothered by unnecessary messages. 


How to Block Someone on Yahoo Mail – The Steps to Follow

It’s easy to block a sender’s email address on Yahoo Mail. To block someone on Yahoo Mail, implement the process mentioned below.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo account and search for the email address you want to block.
  • In case you are aware of the email address, you can directly read the fourth point.
  • After you open that specific email, copy the email address. You can copy it by selecting it or using the shortcut Ctrl + C.
  • Locate the Gear icon and navigate to the ‘Settings.’
  • After that, you’ll notice a window that will have the option of ‘Block Addresses.’
  • Tap this option. You will find the needed fields to paste these email addresses that you copied. If you know the addresses, input them one at a time and then tap ‘Block.’

You have successfully blocked email addresses. After implementing this process, you won’t wonder how do I block someone on Yahoo Mail. The senders of these addresses cannot disturb or bother you anymore. 


How to Block Someone on Yahoo Mail on Android and iPhone

Similar to how you blocked specific email addresses on the browser, you can also learn how to block someone on Yahoo Mail android and iPhone. The steps for it are mentioned below. 



It is easy to block email addresses on your Android phone. Open the Yahoo Mail app on your smartphone and implement the steps below.

  • Choose or open an email from that sender whom you wish to block.
  • Tap on the option of ‘More‘ followed by tapping on ‘Block.’
  • Choose ‘Send all future emails to spam‘ followed by the option of ‘Delete all existing emails’ in case you wish to delete every email you got from a particular sender. 
  • Now, tap ‘OK.’

If you’re an Android user who does not have an email but still wants to block specific senders, go through these steps.

  • On your phone, launch a Yahoo Mail app.
  • Navigate to ‘Settings‘ and tap on ‘Banned Addresses‘ and then choose ‘Add.’
  • Next, input the email address you wish to block and then tap ‘Ban.’ If you face any problems implementing these steps contact Yahoo Support.



iPhone users can also block email addresses on their devices. Just open the ail app and do the following.

  • Open an email from a particular sender you wish to block.
  • Choose ‘More‘ and then hit ‘Block.’ 
  • Choose ‘Send All Future Emails to Spam‘ followed by ‘Delete all existing emails‘ if you desire to delete all messages that you got from a sender.
  • Lastly, tap ‘OK‘ to save the modifications.

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How to Unblock Someone on Yahoo Mail 

By now, you won’t find yourself asking how do you block someone on Yahoo Mail. However, sometimes it’s possible to block someone accidentally. So, you should also know how to unblock that person on Yahoo Mail. The process to do it is very straightforward, and you won’t find any difficulty following it.

  • The first part is to sign in to your Yahoo Mail. 
  • After that, tap the Gear icon present on the right part of the screen.
  • Click ‘More Settings.’ 
  • On the left part, tap on ‘yahoo security and privacy.
  • Here you will find a set of all the email addresses you have blocked. You will also notice a trash icon next to every email address. When you click on it, that email address will get unblocked. That’s it. You will then be able to receive emails from that specific address.


Final Words

Blocking unwanted email addresses is a good practice to keep your inbox clutter-free. After reading this article, you can confidently assert that you know how to block someone on Yahoo Mail. You can implement the steps above anytime you feel interrupted by unnecessary emails.

Don’t forget that you can also seek professional support services if you find any issues in blocking the email addresses.