How to Backup Yahoo Email to PC?

Sometimes users have questions about “how to back up Yahoo email to my hard drive”. Yahoo Mail is a popular web-based email application. Yahoo services include Yahoo News, Yahoo search engine and Yahoo mail. Yahoo finance is also available.

Yahoo has been subject to many issues, including data intrusions and security hacks. Yahoo users should backup their Yahoo email accounts to a computer or hard drive to ensure access to the database.

This will help to avoid data loss. We will be discussing various reasons for Yahoo email backups and the different methods to save Yahoo emails to your computer. As per the user’s convenience, we will provide both a manual and a professional Yahoo backup tool.

Let’s look at some reasons why Yahoo Mail users should backup to their hard drives.


Causes of backing up Yahoo Emails to a hard drive/PC

Yahoo users take backup Yahoo email to their hard drives or other file formats. For a better understanding of backing up, take a look at the following common reasons.

  • Yahoo account login problems
  • Yahoo users have been affected by hacking and other breaches. Users discovered that their most important data was leaked.
  • Yahoo Mail flooding, or overflow of emails
  • Yahoo email attachments can sometimes cause problems.
  • If the mail server is down, the user cannot access the items in their mailbox.

These are just a few reasons why Yahoo users should create a backup to ensure that they have access to all their important data. Back up Yahoo Mail to pc is the most significant thing, now we will discuss different backup methods.


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Methods to Backup Yahoo Emails Properly

With the given methods, you can easily take a backup of your emails in the best possible ways.


Backup Yahoo emails using Microsoft Outlook

Backup Yahoo emails using Microsoft Outlook

Backup Yahoo emails using Microsoft Outlook

Include Yahoo as an IMAP account in Microsoft Outlook. IMAP Account within Microsoft Outlook. If you’re running Microsoft Outlook installed, you can create a new account to your Yahoo IMAP accounts to save emails locally:

  • Open Outlook (2013, 2016 or later).
  • If this is your first time opening Outlook, A new window will prompt for an email address. Once you’ve added your mail address, click Connect.
  • If accounts are set up, click the File tab under Account Information and click Add Account. Next, select Email Account, then type in your name and email address.
  • Enter the email password you used to sign in to your account. Click on Connect. Outlook will configure your account by evaluating connections, downloading account settings, and logging into your account.
  • There will be a congratulations message when everything is properly set up. Then, choose Finish; after that, restart Outlook.
  • Log into your newly created account on Microsoft Outlook and wait for the application to download your email.


Configure Backup4all for backups of Microsoft Outlook automatically.

Backup4all for backups of Microsoft Outlook

Backup4all for backups of Microsoft Outlook

After you’ve got your Yahoo email on your computer or back up Yahoo Mail to pc – local to you then, you can configure Backup4all to backup them:

  • Open Backup4all and then select File – New (Ctrl+N).
  • Which location do you wish to save your backup? Section Select a backup destination.
  • Select Microsoft Outlook when there is an option of ‘How do I wish to back up the page in the “Applications” list’? This will add all of the required Microsoft Outlook files as a source for backup.
  • You can choose filtering options to exclude or include backup sources on the Filter Backup Sources page. After that, press Next.
  • If you go to the Where do you wish to save your backups page, you can choose the backup type and the encryption. It is suggested to leave Smart for the backup default method. Click Next.
  • If you go to the How often do you wish backups page, schedule the backup task to begin running at the designated dates and times automatically? Press Next.
  • On the personalize your backup job page, type in the name of this backup on the field for the Backup name.
  • Click Save, then run for a few seconds to begin the backup of all of Yahoo mail.


Back up Yahoo emails by using the Gmail application

Back up Yahoo emails by using the Gmail application

Back up Yahoo emails by using the Gmail application

  1. Log into your Gmail Account, then click on “Settings”.
  2. Click on the “Accounts & Import” Tab. This should be located at the top of the settings page.
  3. Click “Import mail and contacts”.
  4. A pop-up window will open, enter Your Yahoo Mail email address and select Next.


Note Take note of this: You must confirm ShuttleCloud Migration’s (this service will export Yahoo Mails to Gmail) request for your email address, contacts, etc., by hitting “Agree “.


  1. It will prompt you to select several items to import, such as contacts and emails. Then click “Start” to  Backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

Done! Follow these steps to Backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail. The process will begin working immediately, but it could take a minimum of 2 days based on the extent of your Yahoo mailbox.


Did you finally Backup Yahoo email to PC

Given the security risks of Yahoo Mail at the mercy of hackers, it is obligatory for everyone who uses Yahoo mail users to make backups of their Yahoo information. One way to back up Yahoo Mail to Computer is exporting Yahoo emails to a computer.

Finally, with the help of this post, it must be clear in your head how to backup Yahoo emails to a PC. If still, you are facing any kind of technical issue So, you can connect with our technical team, We are 24/7 Available for your Assistance.