Step by Step Guide to Exploring How to Export Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is one of the popular mail service providers which helps users to access mail on any kind of device and from any nook of the globe.

Do you want to protect your Yahoo Mail data from hackers and scammers? If yes, then there are various ways to complete the process of export Yahoo mail folders. Some of the major tactics are listed in this blog post.

So for further, you can check out this online journal and get to know the best practice to save your credentials and vital information.


Various Practices to Export Yahoo Mail

Method 1

  • Open Yahoo Mail and click on Contacts options.
  • Select all the contacts then click on the Actions drop-down menu and tap Export.
  • Click on Yahoo CSV to select the format
  • Click on Export Now and let the download process start.
  • Yahoo Mail stores all the contacts data in a download folder (Yahoo_contacts.csv)Now you can easily import the CSV file to Outlook or any other email service provider.


Method 2

  • Open Gmail and click on Settings.
  • Choose to See All Settings.
  • Click on the Accounts and Import option then Import Mail and Contacts.
  • Enter Yahoo Email address then click Continue.
  • Again click on Continue and accept the ShuttleCloud migration manager’s terms of use.
  • Select your Account, then enter the password and click on Next.
  • Click on Agree and permit ShuttleCloud migration to your Yahoo contacts, profiles and mail.
  • Click on Import options then tap Start Import.
  • Click on OK and finish the process.
  • Now you can import Yahoo Mail to Gmail in a few easy steps.


Method 3

  • Open the browser and log in to your Yahoo mail account.
  • Choose a particular file format as (PST/EML/PDF/MBOX/MSG)
  • Search for the saving location from your drive.
  • Click on the Start option to export or access Yahoo mail to Gmail.


How to Export Yahoo Mail onto a Flash Drive?

  • Download and run a free PDF writer; doPDF, Bullzip or CutePDF.
  • Link your flash drive to a USB port on your system.
  • Now sign in to your mail account and click on mail to open the email you want to open or save.
  • Click on Show Images then tap the More button and select Print.
  • Open a new window and click on the Print option and select the PDF writer which you want to install in your system.
  • Click on Properties and check orientation, resolution, and page size as per your requirements.
  • Click on OK and select that particular flash drive.
  • Repeat the entire process for other email service providers as well.
  • Now open Yahoo Mail onto a fresh drive as you have already found the answer to the question of how to export Yahoo mail.


Method to add Yahoo Mail to Outlook:

  • Open File Menu the click Info option then Add Account.
  • Select the Manual Configure Setting option the click on POP or IMAP
  • Select the account type and enter your credentials including name, ID and password.
  • Click on More Settings.
  • Open the Outgoing Server tab and check Authentication options
  • Open the Advanced tab and edit the port numbers properly.
  • Click on OK the Next.
  • Tap on the Finish button and restart your system
  • Open Outlook and check for Mail.


What is the Benefit of Exporting Yahoo Mail? 

If you are a Yahoo mail user and want to back up your data, then exporting Yahoo mail to your computer is one of the best options. We know that in the few last years, the credentials of some users had been compromised and what if it will happen again so backing up your data can save you to lose the information.

Another advantage of exporting Yahoo mail folders is that when you create a backup of your data then nobody can ever steal or hack your account. Even during data theft or data loss, you can get all your data back through another copy created by you.


The Ending Note 

After going through the entire blog post, you have cleared some of the basic doubts for sure. Now you can export Yahoo Mail folders to your system or into some other mail service providers in a few steps.

So, the next time, whenever you want to import or export your data, do follow these steps which are mentioned above. For more detailed information, you also can meet the experts at Yahoo support through a digit or live chat and resolve your issue anytime and from anywhere.

Importing or exporting Yahoo Mail to Gmail is easy but you need professional advice to maintain the entire task properly. So don’t think twice, talk to the adepts right away.